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Collaborations for innovation can deliver great benefits but are also fraught with risk.

Breakdowns between the partners, project delays and product failures in the marketplace are common reasons why promising collaborations fail.
To make a collaboration for innovation successful, the strategy, management, operations and culture domains of the companies must be actively engaged in the project at the same time.
But navigating a good idea through company structures, stakeholders, processes, priorities and agendas can seem like an insurmountable challenge.
We simplify the complexity.
Dimensions is:
A collaboration framework for innovation designed for established and scaling companies.
Dimensions enables high-performing teams in projects where the goal is to deliver innovation through the collaboration between different teams or organisations.
It empowers you to understand the strategic, operational, management and cultural dynamics of the collaboration and how they relate to each other. This means you can reduce risk by anticipating issues, focus resources on the priorities to accelerate delivery, and maximise investment value by knowing who the important stakeholders are and how to keep them engaged.

We deliver Dimensions iteratively over four phases.
This means we can identify and solve the challenges that occur at each step towards commercialisation and easily adapt to changing circumstances in your project, organisation or market environment.


Explore the unique conditions that will make your collaboration a success


Create the action plan to take your collaboration to the next stage


Engage your stakeholders and teams to collaborate and deliver


Evaluate your achievements and decide where to focus next