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At Growth Space we believe in making connections.

"only connect"
E.M. Forster
We believe, and our experience has shown us, that by uniting people with different skills, backgrounds and perspectives on shared challenges, we can create a space for fresh possibilities to emerge and ideas to grow.
We know that there is strength in diversity. We also know that making collaborations work can be challenging, especially when the goal is innovation.
Whether the collaboration is between a corporate and a startup, or different teams in the same organisation, each project is unique and takes perception, persistence and a personalised approach to deliver.
Tim Callington, the leading man behind Growth Space, recognised the opportunities and challenges of collaboration for innovation through his experience combining technology, strategy and creativity to open up new horizons for clients. The experience also helped him appreciate the meaning of E.M. Forster's famous epigraph: "only connect", and the enormous creative potential of people when they work together.